My Privacy Cleaner Prov3.1 green version

Software size: 3.98MB

My Privacy Cleaner Pro Green Edition is a very useful software for erasing Internet traces. It can find and delete the history of all your recent online activities, including recently visited websites and any downloaded files or photos. When surfing the Internet, sometimes we have some records that we do not want to be kept by the system. This time we need this artifact. Automatically downloaded cookies and information about recently opened documents and any document searches will be tracked and deleted. You can shred important files to make sure they are 100% irrecoverable. Traces of downloaded photos, videos or music files. Finding and deleting this information manually can take hours, and you still run the risk of missing important information. Using our software is to run a scan that will instantly eliminate all these threats. The software is divided into two modes, light and deep, which can clear USB records and Internet records with one click. Not only that, you can shred files that cannot be deleted. We also scan and delete the history of recently opened documents, empty the Recycle Bin, delete temporary files and clear other Windows privacy risks. Deleting all this information can free up valuable disk space and also help increase the speed of your PC. Want to come to me to download!

My Privacy Cleaner Pro (Internet Trace Eraser) Green Edition

Software functions

1. File data: physical clearing with a single file or folder as a unit;
2. Partitioned data: physically clear the data in logical partition units;
3. Disk data: physical clearing by physical disk;
4. Internet traces: physical removal of Internet traces;
5. USB traces: physical removal of USB traces;
6, other traces: physical removal of computer traces.

Software Features

1. The software is green software, which runs directly under the CD-ROM, and enters the PE system to clear data.
2. While erasing, you can enable logging and generate logs;
3. Can search and erase data for all operating systems, all users, and all system partitions of the computer at the same time;
4. Erasing parameters can be selected to clear the data. The erasure times are different for different parameters
5. User friendly and simple operation.

Software highlights

1.Easy to use
2.Remove downloaded cookies that may be tracking your online activity
Remove all traces of downloaded music, movies and videos
4.Tear important files to ensure they cannot be recovered
5.Erase all traces of your internet activity permanently
6. Delete Internet chat history, including AOL, MSN and Yahoo
7.Clear all traces of recent Windows activity
Shred files and make them completely unrecoverable

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