OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool)

OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool), CPU/GPU power detection tool, has temperature monitoring, GPU test, CPU frequency test, CPU performance test, CPU memory test, power supply voltage power consumption test. OCCT has the ability similar to Furmark’s super squeezing GPU, supporting the generation of result charts, the generation of CSV data files and the import of external monitoring program data. This tool is designed to test the load capacity and stability of the computer. It uses programs to make the CPU, graphics card, power supply, etc. run at full load, while monitoring the fluctuations of the voltage output of the power supply, and output voltage fluctuation charts in the form of graphs for easy diagnosis And use the graph to view the computer’s response under high load, you can judge the approximate quality of the tested power supply.

New version changes


download link

OCCT v8.2.4 x64 Stable [2021/07/05]
Free 64-bit official portable single file (Note: PE is not supported)


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