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A full-featured download manager

Motrix is a full-featured download manager that supports downloading HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet, etc.

Motrix has a clean and easy to use interface. I hope you will like it 👻.

✈️ Official Website | 📖 Manual

✨ Features

  • 🕹 Simple and clear user interface
  • 🦄 Supports BitTorrent & Magnet
  • ☑️ BitTorrent selective download
  • 📡 Update tracker list every day automatically
  • 🔌 UPnP & NAT-PMP Port Mapping
  • 🎛 Up to 10 concurrent download tasks
  • 🚀 Supports 64 threads in a single task
  • 🚥 Supports speed limit
  • 🕶 Mock User-Agent
  • 🔔 Download completed Notification
  • 💻 Ready for Touch Bar (Mac only)
  • 🤖 Resident system tray for quick operation
  • 📟 Tray speed meter displays real-time speed (Mac only)
  • 🌑 Dark mode
  • 🗑 Delete related files when removing tasks (optional)
  • 🌍 I18n, View supported languages.
  • 🛠 More features in development

Download from GitHub Releases  (Motrix-Setup-1.6.11.exe) and install it.


It is recommended to install Motrix using the installation package (Motrix-Setup-x.y.z.exe) to ensure a complete experience, such as associating torrent files, capturing magnet links, etc.

If you use package management tools to manage applications on Windows, such as Chocolateyscoop. You can use them to install Motrix.

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