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OnWorks free experience of Windows/Linux/MAC and other system cloud servers

OnWorks is a free hosting service provider that allows you to run your workstation using only your web browser. Their workstations can be based on multiple operating systems, such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian. OnWorks is a multi-device cloud based platform, so the customers can run and test any type of operating system from anywhere. It is simple, fully functional, lightweight and easy to use. Since it is a cloud computing provider, you can enjoy many types of workstations and run them for free using our browser. Those workstations are installed with certain software for office, graphics, video, games, etc.

The only regret is that if the system is not used for more than 5 minutes, then the experience is over!

Official website


Support system

According to the guidance of the big guys, this Windows and MAC are desktops simulated by Linux, not real Windows/MAC systems! !

Supported systems include various operating systems such as Windows / Linux /MAC. Contains a desktop!

Machine configuration

CPU: 2 cores

Memory: 3G

Disk: 20G

Bandwidth: Downlink 100M

Data Center: Germany

No public IP, Support playing sound

If there is no activity in the system for 5 minutes, it will be terminated and need to be restarted!

ROOT password: 123456

Script test

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