Photo Processing – Light and Shadow Magic Hand nEOiMAGING – 光影魔术手[Windows]

Light and Shadow Magic Hand ( nEO iMAGING – 光影魔术手 ) is a software for improving the quality of digital photos and processing effects . It was first launched in 2004. Acquired by Xunlei in 2008 .

The main functions include: reversal film effect, automatic exposure, automatic white balance, color adjustment, portrait beauty, CCD dead point repair, picture cropping, batch automatic processing, etc.

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Light and Shadow Magic Hand-nEO_iMAGING was a paid software before (the registration fee is RMB 26), and there are simplified and traditional versions.
  Recently, the official launch: Light and Shadow Magic Hand-nEO_iMAGING_v0.27 (free version… but only Simplified version),
  so you have to use traditional Chinese. Your own software is cultured!
  “nEOiMAGING” [Light and Shadow Magic Hand] is a software that improves the quality and effect of digital photos.
  Simple and easy to use, it doesn’t require any professional imaging skills to create the color effects of professional film photography.
  The best places to use it are: batch processing, scaling, color changing, framing….

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[Software Introduction]
    Light and Shadow Magic Hand-nEO iMAGING 0.27 beta Traditional Chinese Culture Edition

   ※, allow users Make, upload and download borders with ease. Beautiful borders are regularly recommended.
   ※, Added the function of importing pictures from digital devices, currently supports digital cameras/card readers, TWAIN devices and mobile phone folders.
   ※, After the image processing is completed, it can be automatically uploaded to online albums such as Baidu Space, Flickr, Tianya Album, etc. through the software. More albums are constantly being added.

   “nEOiMAGING”【Light and Shadow Magic Hand】has the following basic functions and unique features:

    ※、【Reversal film effect】simulates the effect of reversal film, making photos more vivid in contrast and brighter in color
    ※、【Reversal film negative process 】Simulate the effect of reverse negative process, the colors are strange and novel
    ※, 【Black and white effect】Simulate the effect of various types of black and white films, completely different from digital photos in terms of contrast and contrast
    ※, 【Digital fill light】 For underexposed parts For post-fill light, easy-to-use, smart, and natural transition
    ※, [Portrait fades] to correct some portrait digital photos with yellowish skin tone, one-key action, the effect is obvious

    ※、【 Combination     picture making】can sort multiple photos into one photo, suitable for online sellers to display products Does not affect the sharpness of the photo
    ※, [Diffuser] simulates the soft lens, giving people a hazy beauty
    ※, [Portrait Beauty] The function of portrait microdermabrasion makes MM’s skin as delicate and clear as a baby, without affecting hair, Eye sharpness
    ※、【Studio style portrait】Imitate the style of popular studio photos, cool tone, highlight overflow, soften
    ※, 【Bracketing 3-in-1】Three pictures with different EVs produced by bracketing shooting Easily combined into a high-tolerance photo
    ※, [Printing and typesetting] ID photo typesetting, a maximum of 16 1-inch ID photos on a 6-inch photo, one-click completion, extremely simple
    ※, [One-finger key white Balance] Correct the color deviation of digital photos, restore the natural color, you can manually fine-tune – no inaccurate photos
    ※, [Auto White Balance] Intelligently correct the color tone of photos with inaccurate white balance
    ※, [Severe white balance error correction] There are special effects for correcting photos with serious color cast, and color overflow can also be recovered
    . ※, [Faded Old Photo] imitates the effect of old photos, the color is dim and nostalgic.
    ※, [Yellow Filter] also imitates the effect of old photos, a kind of more decadent The warm color tone
    ※, [Negative film effect] simulates the high latitude of negative film, and increases the highlight level and shadow details of the photo.
    ※, [Sunset Compilation] has special effects on photos with a large light and dark span, such as sky, sunrise and sunset, with bright colors and natural transitions.
    ※、【Night Scene Noise Reduction】Suppress the noise of photos in night scenes and large dark areas, the noise removal effect is remarkable, and the sharpness is not affected
    ※、【Bad Pixel Repair】For cameras with dead pixels on the CCD, after one setting, you can repair the dead pixels on all the photos taken by it, which is very convenient and effective
    . Photos are more suitable for visual appreciation
    ※, [Red saturation attenuation] is designed for the weakness of CCD to the poor resolution of red, and effectively repairs photos with red overflow (such as red flowers without red details)
    ※, [LOMO] imitates LOMO style, with colored vignetting around , Adjustable tone, easy to use
    ※, [Levels, curves, channel mixer] multi-channel adjustment, the action is the same as PS, advanced users can do whatever they want
    ※, [Other adjustments include] sharpening, blur, noise, brightness , Contrast, gamma adjustment, inverse color, decolorization, RGB tone adjustment, etc.
    ※, [Other actions include] arbitrary scaling, free rotation, cropping
    ※, [Auto action] A series of actions can be set, and it will be automatically completed with one click All actions
    ※, [Batch processing] Support batch scaling, batch positive film, etc., suitable for pre-processing of large quantities of printing
    ※, [Text signature] Users can set 5 signatures and backgrounds, and the text background can also be arbitrarily set to color and transparency ※、【Picture signature     】
    Print your own watermark on any position of the photo, support PNG, PSD and other semi-transparent format files, the watermark is arbitrary
    ※, [Fancy Border] provides a large number of fancy border materials, the shapes are changeable, lively and interesting, and there are constantly new borders available for download
    ※, [Multi-picture border] Quickly combine multiple photos into one picture. Suitable for making product display, or character photos.
    ※, Photo thumbnail browsing function, quickly browse and find all photos
    ※, For all special effects processing, users can freely adjust the parameters to obtain satisfactory results.
    ※, You can remove the back, remove the unwanted part of the photo, or perform blurring.
    ※, You can print EXIF ​​information on any position of the photo. Content (such as shooting date, aperture, shutter, etc.)
    ※, can check the lens used by Nikon, Canon DSLR, can check the shutter times of various NIKON models of DSLR
    ※, unlimited recovery action and redo action
    ※, the EXIF ​​information of the photo No damage
    ※, In addition to editing, it can also be used as a photo browser, supports mouse wheel, keyboard shortcuts, editing while browsing, easy to use
    ※, slideshow browsing photos, can be viewed on the full screen
    ※, can view, Edit image files in more than 30 common formats such as PSD, GIF, JPG, PNG, PCX, TIF, etc.
    ※, quickly open the raw files of dozens of camera models such as Nikon, Canon, Minolta, FUJI, Sigma, Pentax, Olympus (NEF, CRW, etc.)
    ※, Photo printing function, print according to special photo size, print and preview WYSIWYG
    ※, Green software, provide green installation-free ZIP file download, no need to install and directly use Light and


System:XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8      ClassicVersion 3.1.2

Size:19.3 MB

Latest Version – Simplified Chinese:

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