Two Mobile Browsers Support Plug-Ins

When it comes to browser plug-ins, most people think of the gameplay on the computer. In fact, as the functions of mobile browsers become more and more perfect, many mobile browsers have begun to support the use of plug-ins.

In other words, mobile browsers that support the installation of plug-ins can not only experience silky and powerful functions like a computer, but also will not cause problems such as excessive memory storage and slow response when opening. We introduce 2 mobile browsers that support the installation of plug-ins, which are easier to use than Quark. I hope to help you find a favorite that is indispensable in your mobile phone. The first mobile browser that supports the installation of plug-ins :

Kiwi Browser 

Some people say that a browser that is compatible with Chrome and Greasy Monkey plug-ins is very powerful, and I do not deny this. But when it comes to plugins, the Kiwi browser is really, really good. Kiwi browser is a browser based on Chromeium kernel, and it is indeed equivalent to Chrome on mobile phones in terms of usability. There is a basis for me to say this.

Click “┇”-“Extensions” in the upper right corner of the Kiwi browser and we will see this familiar Google extension page again.

Don’t forget to turn on “Developer Mode”. No need to cooperate with the computer terminal, as long as you can surf the Internet scientifically, you can directly enter the Google store to install it, which is exactly the same as the method of installing the Chrome plug-in on the computer. Yes, it’s that simple, so with a snap, I installed “AdBlock” and GreasyMonkey. After installing multiple scripts, no lag was found after testing. 

Download Link: Google Play Store Home Page

X browser 

X browser has a lot of built-in functions, and it has these 3 points which are very amazing! One is resource sniffing, the other is ad blocking, and the third is script extension. 

For example, the oil monkey plug-in that was blown up before, X browser can also support it. In addition, X Browser also has some scripts shared and uploaded by users, which can be added directly.

Under the scripts, we can also see the comments and feedbacks made by users after testing. Here I suggest you use scripts shared by users, because X browser is not compatible with all oil monkey scripts, and scripts that have been experienced by users are more practical.

Download Link: Google Play Store(X-Browser) Google Play Store(X-Browser Mini) Homepage

For IOS Users

  • Safari with ADGuard
  • Firefox Focus: Privacy Browser

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