i4 Assisstant – Virtually Position Anywhere for Your Apple Phone [Win]


What are the benefits of positioning a virtual Apple phone? If you have the following needs, it is absolutely necessary to have a safe and effective GPS positioning modification tool.

  1. In mobile games based on mobile positioning, such as Pokémon , you can easily move to different locations and quickly complete tasks and upgrades.
  2. Anti-tracking, to prevent your family or boyfriend and girlfriend from knowing your whereabouts remotely.
  3. Show off your life to friends on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and check in at famous scenic spots without going out.
  4. Meet foreign friends on dating software such as Tinder and Paktor.
  5. Download apps that are restricted to certain regions on Google Play.


1. An Apple mobile phone
2. A computer (desktop or laptop).


First download and install on the computer: i4 Assistant PC version (download link: i4 Assistant )
Then connect the apple phone to the computer, open: i4 Assistant PC, the software will automatically install the driver after identifying the mobile phone for the first time, and will ask to confirm on the mobile phone, and finally display various information of the mobile phone on the software interface

Then click the button on the upper function bar: Toolbox, find “Virtual Positioning”

Click: virtual positioning

Select the virtual location address you want (searchable), and then click on the right side: Modify virtual location, and you’re done when prompted that the modification is successful.


The validity period of the virtual location for Apple mobile phones is only valid on the same day. According to my own test, it will be restored to position normally after more than 8 hours. After eight hours, you need to use i4 Assistant virtual positioning again . If you want to restore the positioning immediately, just restart the phone.


Download link: i4 Assistant 

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