Virtually Position Apps for Your Android Phones [Android]


What are the benefits of positioning a virtual Android phone? If you have the following needs, it is absolutely necessary to have a safe and effective GPS positioning modification tool.

  1. In mobile games based on mobile positioning, such as Pokémon , you can easily move to different locations and quickly complete tasks and upgrades.
  2. Anti-tracking, to prevent your family or boyfriend and girlfriend from knowing your whereabouts remotely.
  3. Show off your life to friends on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and check in at famous scenic spots without going out.
  4. Meet foreign friends on dating software such as Tinder and Paktor.
  5. Download apps that are restricted to certain regions on Google Play.


I believe everyone knows the positioning function of Android phones, but they don’t understand the method of virtual positioning. In fact, you can simulate your Android’s GPS location through the radio signals your phone receives from satellites. These signals will contain the coordinate details of your location, and the phone will use algorithms to pinpoint your precise location.

Five Apps

In this part, we will recommend five location changers for Android, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each software, and see which one you like more.

positioning changerAdvantagedisadvantage
iMyFone AnyTo
– Not free
– Need PC
– Compatible with all location-based applications-No need to jailbreak or root the phone-Supports the function of planning customized mobile routes-Compatible with all types of Android devices-Can store history and favorite places– Requires a computer to operate
– Not Free
Fake GPS Location – Lexa– Two steps to transfer the phone to a new location- Applicable to rooted Android devices- Applicable to all types of Android devices– Some users complained that after closing the app, the positioning still cannot be restored to the original position
Fake Location(Mock GPS)– No Root phone required-Free downloadand use- Simple and easy-to-understand interface– App has ads- easily detectable and discoverable by other apps
Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick– The interface is easyto operate- History recordscan be stored- Joystick operation is possible– The mobile phone is still stuck in the virtual location after closing the program- it is easy to be discovered by the game official, resulting in the user account being disabled
Mock GPS With Joystick– Fast virtual positioning- With a joystick, it is more convenient to operate– Low stability, only applicable to some Apps- There are certain difficulties in the use process

1. iMyFone AnyTo Android (Not Free, Need a PC)

Following the great acclaim of the iOS system version, iMyFone AnyTo Location Simulator has also launched a tool for Android phones.

AnyTo Android virtual positioning:

  • The operation is intuitive, and the location of the Android phone can be quickly modified in three simple steps.
  • The customized moving route allows setting the ideal moving speed, which is very suitable for mobile game players and apps that require real-time location sharing.
  • Provide “Social Mode” and “Game Mode” to meet the GPS positioning modification of various software such as Facebook, Tinder, and Pokémon.
  • Supports Android 5 to Android 13 versions, and the location can be changed without Root.

Next, I will show you how to use AnyTo Location Changer to change the GPS location of your Android device!

Step 1: Install and run iMyFone AnyTo on the computer, use USB to connect the Android device to the computer, you need to enable “Developer Mode” and allow “USB Debugging” .

Step 2: Select a location mode.

Step 3: AnyTo will display the current location of the Android phone, directly enter the virtual location you want to reach in the upper left search box, and click “Move”.

AnyTo switches the GPS positioning of the Android device in one second, and opens any positioning app on the mobile phone to get the latest position, which can be simulated anywhere in the world! Watch the video below to learn more about this super popular Android positioning app!

2 Fake GPS Location – Lexa

There are many virtual location tools for Android devices on the market, and Fake GPS Location – Lexa is one of the famous software. Also, it can be used without root.

Step 1: Download Fake GPS Location – Lexa location changer on your phone.

Step 2: Set this app as mock location software for Android phones.Click View 

Settings to allow Android phones to mock locations .

Step 3: Back to Fake GPS Location – Lexa, enter your target location in the input field, and then click the “Start” symbol button to complete. You can also go to your phone’s map to see the new GPS fix.

Fake GPS Location – Lexa

Download URL:

3 Fake Location (Mock GPS)

Fake Location (Mock GPS) is available for all Android devices. It has a very friendly interface and is also an easy-to-operate location changer for Android.

Step 1: Download Fake Location (Mock GPS) on the phone, activate the software, click the “Menu” in the upper left corner, and click “Allow Mock GPS”.

Step 2: Go back to the main interface of the app, enter your target location, and click the “Start Virtual Positioning” button. If you want to end the positioning operation, click “Stop Virtual Positioning”.

Fake Location(Mock GPS)

Download URL:

4. Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick

Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick is a very common virtual location tool for Android, and you can use the joystick to move the location.

Step 1: After downloading Fake GPS Location – GPS Joystick, allow Android to simulate positioning and set the simulated location application as the software.

Step 2: Enable the software and click on the “Choose an option to start” field, then click on “Set up targeting”. After entering your target location, click the “Start” icon button and you’re done.

Fake GPS Location - GPS Joystick

Download URL:

5. Mock GPS With Joystick

Compared with other location virtual software, Mock GPS With Joystick has relatively higher operating technical requirements, and you can also use the joystick to move the location. Follow the simple steps outlined below.

Step 1: After downloading Mock GPS With Joystick, you also need to set this software as a mock location application.

Step 2: After activating the software, enter the coordinates of the target location on the top of the interface, and click “Click here to send”.

Mock GPS With Joystick

Download URL:

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