Image 2 LUT [WIN][MAC]

If the pictures on the phone feel beautiful, but the color of the light and shadow is a little bit off, what should I do?
So today I will share with you a software called Image 2 LUT, which can perfectly transplant the color style of one picture to another picture through calculation and matching,

Image 2 LUT software introduction

Software name: Image 2 LUT
software size: 81.7 MB
Plug-in language: Chinese Sinicization
Support system: Win and Mac

Simple use – professional results

To further adjust the look or create any number of variations from it, Image 2 LUT offers a few very helpful options. Along with the general intensity of the coloring, you can also control its influence on skin tones in the image. You can control the skin tones intensity independently and a loss in contrast from a source image with a faded film look can always be dialled back seamlessly with our software. The one-color-look option homogenises differing tints in various areas of the image and heavily saturated colors can be protected optionally to achieve a higher brilliance for the look.
Image 2 LUT is also known as LUT Dither Artifact, which is the abbreviation of Picture Instruments Image 2 LUT. It is a powerful computer one-key color-grading and dithering tool software. The biggest advantage of Image 2 LUT is that it supports one-key color-grading and dithering. You only need to find a suitable imitation.


1. Hollywood special effects can be automatically created through the source image and target image.
2. Control the details in the image, handle portraits more delicately, and enhance the intensity of skin tone.
3. It supports exporting filters, which is convenient for the next use, and can directly send appearances to unlimited filters.
4. Support the comparison of the original image, you can clearly see the difference between the optimized image and the optimized image.
5. The style of one picture can be automatically matched to another picture directly.

Image 2 LUT software installation tutorial

Win installation tutorial:
1. Install Image 2 LUT first, do not change the path
2. Copy the Image2LUT in the crack patch folder to the installation directory
C:\Program Files\Picture Instruments\Image 2 LUT
3 . I can’t read the instructions.
Mac installation tutorial:
1. One-click installation


Baidu NetDisk:  Code: 1024

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