Feem v4: Make file transfer as easy as chatting [Win][iOS][Android]

As a user who uses Android, iOS, macOS and WIN10 at the same time, I spent a lot of effort to find a perfect cross-platform file transfer tool.

Surprisingly, Feem v4  , a humble app, does almost everything I need. Although it is not high in appearance, it is quite practical.

Automatic pairing, sending and receiving without delay

Popular  Send Anywhere , Airdroid , Resilio and other tools usually need to scan QR codes or enter numbers when sharing files. If the PC web page receives files and there is a download process, the experience is always not so smooth.

The use of Feem v4 is much simpler, the whole process is as follows:

  1. open the app
  2. select device
  3. Send File
  4. Finish

Devices under the same LAN, as long as Feem v4 is turned on, they will be automatically paired and connected, and the target device will be finished receiving after sending. The files received by free users will be automatically assigned to the corresponding folders on the device, and paid users can modify the file storage location.

Easily send text and web links

Most file transfer tools do not have the function of sending text. Send Anywhere converts text and web links into txt files and then sends them. Can you imagine that I need to open a txt file just to send a web link to the computer?

I have been using telegram or WeChat to send text across devices before, but there will always be times when the network is disconnected, and I don’t want to open WeChat to load a lot of group messages every time I send some text to the computer. Feem v4 text sending is much easier, the experience is similar to chat software, and it can be sent even when the network is disconnected, as long as it is still connected to the same Wi-Fi; there is also a very convenient “copy” under each text content button.

Feem v4 send text process

Feem v4 file transfer speed measurement

  • I used a windows computer to transfer a 6GB file to a Macbook Pro. The speed has been changing between 500K/s and 10MB/s. It took about half an hour in the end, and it was about 3MB/s.
  • It takes three minutes to transfer a 1GB file from PC to iPhone, which is almost 5MB/s.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Direct and then transfer between Android devices, a 1GB file takes three minutes, almost 5MB/s.
  • It takes five minutes to transfer a 1GB file from an Android phone to a PC, or about 3MB/s.
  • The slowest is the mutual transmission between Android and Mac, about 1~2 MB/s.

Generally speaking, the transmission speed of Feem v4 is not significantly different from that of LAN transmission tools such as Super Beam. It is not particularly eye-catching, but it is still acceptable. The biggest advantage of Feem v4 is its transmission experience, not speed.

Disadvantages of Feem v4

1. The interface is slightly rough

Feem V4 applies the same interface to each system platform, and many details seem strange. For example, there will be a double top bar on the Android side, and it will look like every element is enlarged on the iOS side, and the various icons are not uniform.

2. Lots of bugs

  • When selecting a picture to transfer on the iOS side, the entire album will always be loaded slowly.
  • File transfer from Android to Mac sometimes stops midway.

3. Share menu not integrated into iOS and macOS

On an Android device, if you select any file, you can directly share it through Feem in the share menu, and you can even select multiple devices at the same time to share with one click. However, Feem has not been integrated into the system sharing menu of iOS and macOS. On these two platforms, you can only open Feem first, and then select a device to send files. This is the only way to do this on WIN10.


Feem v4 download address:

iOS version: Feem v4

Android Version: Feem v4 – Apps on Google Play Android

UWP version: Feem v4 – Windows Store

Desktop versions such as Windows and macOS can be downloaded directly from  Feem v4 official website  https://www.feem.io/.

Feem V4.4.1 汉化去广告版 链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bP87M5QgBnqXekq6khvDhw 提取码: eqk6

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