Tiny10 / Tiny11 | a Lightweight Windows 10 / 11 (No TPM) For Your Old PC

Tiny 10 and Tiny 11 was released by NTDEV at archive.org to allow you to install Windows 10 / 11 on those old & lower-end PCs. In this blog post, I am going to use Windwos Tiny11 and Tiny 10 as examples to introduce this interesting project and how we can download them and install them quickly and easily, and check how much resources they are taken.

NTDEV has made an intriguing contribution by releasing Tiny10 and Tiny11 on archive.org. These lightweight versions of Windows 10 and 11 are specifically designed for low-end PCs. Let’s delve into the details:


  • Small: 5GB – 6.34GB Hard Drive Space comparing with normal windows 10/11 22GB+
  • Less resource requirement: 1-2G Ram, 1-2 CPU
  • No minimum system requirement, such as TPM
  • Windows update supported
  • Microsoft store included

Tiny11 Requirements

In terms of Tiny11 requirements, a scant 8GB of storage and just 2GB of RAM are required and Windows 11 can run well. Even there is a crazy thing – someone can let Tiny11 run on 200MB of RAM but the running speed is very slow.

The operating system itself in Tiny11 takes up only 6.34GB while the rest is used by some rudimentary apps like Paint, Notepad, and Calculator. Besides, no TPM is required to install Tiny11. What’s more, the Microsoft Store app is left intact, so you can run it to download and install some apps you need. And this Windows 11 tiny edition uses a local account by default but the option to set up an online account remains.

  • Tiny11:

Due to the cut-down nature, many features you need are not included in Windows 11 Lite Edition/Tiny Edition – Tiny11. The operating system won’t update automatically and you may notice future releases from NTDev. Note that Tiny11 isn’t supported by the official Windows.

Even so, Tiny11 is an interesting tool for desktops and laptops that lack the hardware Windows 11 demands. And you can have a shot. See how to download Tiny11 ISO to install.

It is straightforward to download and install Windows 11 Tiny Edition. See the guide here.

Tiny11 Download

Search Tiny 11 Download from google, you will get this link: https://archive.org/details/tiny-11-NTDEV

Install Tiny11

Just like usual installation of Windows OS, following screen wizard, it should be good to go.

Reference doc: https://www.minitool.com/news/tiny11-download-iso.html

After installation, you can see the resource usages:

Tiny 10 Project


  1. Space-Efficient Installation:
    • On a 32-bit system, Tiny10 requires only 5.2GB of disk space, compared to the usual 22GB for a standard Windows 10 installation.
    • For 64-bit systems, Tiny10 occupies up to 10GB of disk space.
    • Remarkably, it runs smoothly with just 1GB of RAM on 32-bit systems and 2GB on 64-bit systems.
  2. Full Functionality:
    • Core Windows tools like PowerShellCMD, and Disk Management are available.
    • Apps and games, including GeekbenchCrystaldiskShareX, and CS: GO, run without issues.
  3. App Limitations:
    • Tiny10 removes default apps like image viewers and media players.
    • Only Notepad and WordPad are included.
    • No Microsoft Store or Windows Security; sideloading apps is necessary.
  4. Windows Version and Activation:
    • Tiny10 x64 Beta 1 is based on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (Build 19044.1586, March 2022).
    • Activation with a Windows license is possible, but it doesn’t support Windows updates.

Tiny10 is ideal for low-end PCs with limited resources, offering a lightweight Windows 10 experience. For more robust Windows applications, consider alternatives like Chrome OS Flex.

Difference Between Tiny10 and Windows 10

First of all, Tiny10 is fast and smooth compared to normal Windows 10. No bloatware to be found on Tiny10. The developers have removed all bloatware, unnecessary apps, services and system components. 

Tiny10 also takes up very little disk space compared to Windows 10 . On my 64-bit laptop, the Tiny10 installation took up only 10.5GB, while Windows 10 ballooned to 22.2GB after a fresh install.

If for some reasons, you will need extra help, check microsoft kb:

Download Links

For Tiny11

For Tiny10

Backup Links: https://od.51sec.org/TGM_51Sec_EU/Sharing/ISO/Win11/Tiny%20Windows/


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