A Small, Safe, Fast and Powerful Uninstall Tool – Uninstall Tool Learning Edition [Win]

Uninstall Tool is a small, safe, fast and powerful software uninstall removal tool. It supports to scan the remaining registration and other residual files of the software after the uninstallation of the software itself is completed, and delete them completely in the system! The installation monitor can monitor the installation of each application, and monitor any files and registry items installed by the application in the system in real time. When you use the Uninstall Tool to uninstall the software, it will delete it more thoroughly without leaving any traces ! The software itself also has a management system random startup program tool to speed up the system startup speed! Overall, Uninstall Tool has the functions and comfortable interface of Total Uninstall, but has a smaller size! So in addition to Total Uninstall, Uninstall Tool is a good choice!


Uninstall Tool is a powerful and flexible alternative to the Windows standard “Add/Remove Programs” tool produced by CrystalIdea Software. It can quickly, safely and conveniently remove unnecessary applications and improve your computer’s performance. Uninstall Tools supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista operating systems (including 64-bit operating systems).

Website: https://crystalidea.com/uninstall-tool

Uninstall Tools Features

* 3 times faster than “Add/Remove Programs”!
*3 app categories: Software, System and Hidden.
* Remove programs that run automatically when the system starts.
* 3 ways to sort apps: software name, occupied space and installation date.
* Programs that cannot be deleted by the standard “Add/Remove Programs” can be deleted.
* Use Force Delete to uninstall related entries in the registry.
* Highlight recently installed programs in the application list.
* Quick search feature allows to find any application you want.
* Browse to the selected program’s registry entry, installation directory and its program website.
* View detailed information about a program installed on your computer.
* Ease of use plus using a modern user interface makes using Uninstall Tool more comfortable.
* Multilingual interface.
* Optional replacement for “add/installer”.
* Export a detailed report of currently installed programs in HTML.
* Can run “Windows Components” and “Add/Remove Programs”


For study only:

1. Remember the installation path
2. Open the Patch .exe file in the Crack folder in the Uninstall Toolsr compressed package and follow the steps in the picture tutorial to operate (my installation path has been changed to the D drive. In theory, the default path of the C drive can be directly clicked on the patch. Yes), you can complete the learning version.

Download link:

Official Download Link- 官方下載 Uninstall-Tool Portable version

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