Advertising Get Out From Windows 10/11 System – OFGB (Oh Frick Go Back)

In this digital age, advertising has become a part of our lives, and many frequently visited corners have become the first choice for advertisers to place advertisements.
The same is true for Windows. Starting from Win11, Microsoft has gradually tested the bottom line of users one by one, and slowly many inconspicuous advertisements have appeared in Windows.

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Ads examples

For example, start menu ads are a very typical example. The once clean start menu suddenly lost its previous feel after these fancy things were added to it. Even if

the recommended applications in the start menu
are on the lock screen, Microsoft does not forget to recommend its Microsoft 365 to you. A wave of marketing is indispensable at all times.

Lock screen ads are recommended.
There are many similar hidden ads in Win11. Although Microsoft has also provided a way to close them, it is not possible for everyone to know how to operate them. The simpler the better, the better.


On April 23, 2024, Microsoft released an update for Windows 11 that added ads all across the OS, including the File Explorer, Start Menu, and more. This tool changes certain keys in the Windows Registry to disable those ads. It’s written in C# and uses WPF.

A screenshot of OFGB

There is such a small tool called Advertising, which can close all advertisements with one click and is very easy to operate.

This is also an open source software, translated by Chinese people based on the Chinese version of software developed by foreigners. The software is divided into two versions including a runtime library and a version that does not include a runtime library. The self-contained version has a small file size and requires the installation of .NET 8.0 Desktop Runtime to run. . As you can see, Ad Get Out has 9 ad closing functions, which need to be restarted to take effect.

Two Versions


To download the latest version of OFGB, click here or click the “Releases” tab at the right of the page.

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