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VMware Desktop Hypervisor products Fusion and Workstation are used by millions of people every day to run virtual machines on their Windows, Linux and Mac computers. They give users the ability to quickly and easily build “local virtual” environments to install other operating systems, learn about technology, build and test software, complex systems, browsers, apps, games, and more.

Pro Apps are now Free for Personal Use and Licensed for Commercial Use

The most exciting part is that Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro will now have two license models. We now provide a Free Personal Use or a Paid Commercial Use subscription for our Pro apps. Users will decide based on their use case whether a commercial subscription is required.

This means that everyday users who want a virtual lab on their Mac, Windows or Linux computer can do so for free simply by registering and downloading the bits from the new download portal located at support.broadcom.com

VMware Fusion Pro Download           VMware Workstation Pro Download

Download Address:

VMware Workstation Pro for Personal (For Windows) 17.5.2

  • Name: VMware-workstation-full-17.5.2-23775571.exe(618.26 MB) Build Number: 23775571
  • Last Updated: May 16, 2024
  • SHA2: 2c3a40993a450dc9a059563d07664fc0fb85ae398a57d22b1b4bf0e602417bf7
  • MD5: c0a0353c1dade2089b55ce04ca942964
  • Download link: VMware-workstation-full-17.5.2-23775571.exe (pass: winningpc.com)
  • https://od.51sec.org/TGM_51Sec_EU/Sharing/VM/vmware/VMware-workstation-full-17.5.2-23775571-win-51sec.org.zip?preview  (pass:51sec.org)

VMware Workstation Pro for Personal Use (For Linux) 17.5.2

  • Name: VMware-Workstation-Full-17.5.2-23775571.x86_64.bundle(510.58 MB) Build Number: 23775571
  • Last Updated: May 16, 2024
  • SHA2: a9da5e9b785ab98c6f49d1e769f6885028fd115c96e3cf0e6d22da3112b89a21
  • MD5: 70adb9ba7305972eeb845eac5d69b32e
  • Download link: VMware-Workstation-Full-17.5.2-23775571.x86_64.bundle (pass: winningpc.com)
  • https://od.51sec.org/TGM_51Sec_EU/Sharing/VM/vmware/VMware-Workstation-Full-17.5.2-23775571.x86_64-linux-51sec.org.zip?preview  (pass:51sec.org)

VMware Workstation Player + Fusion Player Discontinued

With our fully featured Pro products being made free for personal use and paid for commercial use, we are discontinuing their lesser counterparts VMware Workstation Player and VMware Fusion Player. At this time they will no longer be available for purchase. Users of our Personal Use Player products can upgrade to the more full-featured Pro versions without any cost. Workstation Player will continue to be bundled with Workstation Pro just as it is today, so as an app it will continue. 

Users with Fusion Player personal use licenses can simply update to Fusion 13.5.2 and delete your license key. You must update to 13.5.2, but removing the existing Player key will unlock the full “Pro for Personal Use” licensing without needing any additional keys. Here is a simple KB that describes what to do: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?articleNumber=367660





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