[Original Tools] PandaOCR v2.43 – Multi-function OCR recognition + translation + reading + pop-up window [most full engine]

[Original Tools] PandaOCR v2.43 – Multi-function OCR recognition + translation + reading + pop-up window [most full engine]


  • Support recognition engine: Sogou OCR / API + Tencent OCR / API + Baidu OCR / API + Tao OCR / API + Jingdong OCR
  • Support translation engine: Sogou translation / API + Tencent translation / API + Baidu translation / API + Tao translation / API + Google translation + word translation + Bing translation + Hujiang translation + Cambridge translation + Qihu translation + sea word translation + color cloud translation
  • Support reading engine: Sogou reading + Tencent reading + Baidu reading + Bing reading + News flying reading + Google reading + Jingdong reading
  • Support shortcuts and screen corners to trigger screenshot recognition, convenient and fast
  • Support for intercepting and identifying fixed areas, for example, to help translate words or teammate chat records in English games/software [fixed screenshot recognition reference]
  • Support small pop-up window display information, quick view identification / translation content
  • Support smart merge to correct recognition/translated text, making typography more reasonable
  • Supports setting up up to ten fixed screenshot rules, making one-click recognition more convenient and quick
  • Support for monitoring image and text copy operations, quickly identifying image text or translating copy text
  • Support simple window Chinese function, help translate pure English software interface text
  • There are a lot of strange features that are not listed in the program interface. You can try to edit the CONFIG.INI file in the program directory.
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PanDownload v2.0.6

PanDownload v2.0.6

PanDownload is a download tool that adheres to the concept of user experience as the center, and the download is free.

Since the first version was launched on February 9, 2017, it has been seven months a year. Thanks in advance for your support and suggestions, I am constantly improving the software.
After half a year, more than 180 days and nights of development and testing, today brings you a new 2.0 version, new architecture, new interface, new features, and more powerful features are under development…. .

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