Taking a different approach – an alternative way to download movies and TV series – Chrome Plug-in


There are two conventional methods to download movies, videos , or TV series:
One method is to find bt or magnetic link download, which is often slow to download;
The other method is to find Baidu network disk sha ing and then download. This method has two disadvantages. One is that the resources are not easy to find, and the other is that the speed is terrible if you don’t open a membership;

I willintroduce an alternative downloading method here.
There are a large number of websites for watching movies online. Due to the support of advertisements, these websites are more profitable, so the resources on them are rich after all, and the latest movies and TV series can be found in time. It’s just that the online viewing speed is touching, but we can download it back to watch.
But, such websites generally cannot be downloaded directly. In order to solve this problem, we must first introduce a chrome plug-in-“Cat Scratch” I believe everyone should be familiar with it. It is a plug-in that can sniff web video links. For some websites that play large videos, the videos are usually segmented, and Cat Scratch can sniff out an m3u8 file.

With this m3u8 file, you can use the second tool “N_m3u8DL-CLI” to download videos.
Open the M3U8 downloader, set the working directory (i.e. download address), paste the address you just copied into the M3U8 address bar, enter the video title, and check “Delete sub-files after merging” according to your needs. Then
click Go and a download dialog box will pop up. After waiting for the download to complete, return to the download directory to view the downloaded mp4 file.

Search and download the cat scratch plug-in in the Google plug-in store.
N_m3u8DL-CLI open source github address: https://github.com/nilaoda/N_m3u8DL-CLI
This method can not only easily find the latest movies and TV series, but also achieve high-speed downloading, which is a good method.

Web media sniffing tool

A music/video address display tool…

For issue submissions, update logs, and discussions, please go to Github https://github.com/xifangczy/cat-catch

Document description: https://o2bmm.gitbook.io/cat-catch/ The extension is not responsible for content downloaded by users, so please check the copyright and permissions of the content before downloading.



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