Pen Test Tools

Pen Test Tools

Burp Suite Knockpy HostileSubBruteforcer sqlmap Nmap Eyewitness Shodan What CMS Nikto Recon-ng idb Wireshark Bucket Finder Google Dorks JD GUI Mobile Security Framework Firefox Plugins: FoxyProxy UserAgentSwitcher Firebug Hackbar Websecurify CookieManager+ XSS Me Offsec Exploit-db Search Wappalyzer

Several Methods to Run Mimikatz

Mimikatz is an artifact that can obtain memory from the Windows Authentication (LSASS) process, and obtain plaintext passwords and NTLM hashes. Mimikatz is commonly used in intranet penetration to obtain plaintext passwords or hash values ​​to roam the intranet. However, in actual application, we often encounter the interception of killing soft, so here I refer to the information on …

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Some Useful Information Security Websites/Blogs to Visit

1. Brian Krebs 2. Wombat Security 3.  Errata Security 4. Kaspersky Labs 5. Security Bloggers Network 6. Sophos 7. Paul’s Security Weekly 8. Akamai 9. The Security Ledger 10. Graham Cluley 11. Akamai 12. McAfee AntiVirus securing tomorrow 13. Naked Security 14. Shodan  15. NoMoreRansom 16. National Cyber Security Centre 17. Reddit:  r/infosec  r/sysadmin  r/crypto  r/cybersecurity  r/opsec  r/privacy r/intelligence  r/asknetsec 18. Google’s Digital Attack Map 19. OSINT …

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