Easier than QQ and WeChat When Transfer Files in Local Network

Recently, due to various reasons, the network in our office area has blocked WeChat and QQ, and QQ and WeChat can no longer be used! When it comes to QQ and WeChat, our biggest use at work is that we can transfer files at any time, and prohibiting its use is equivalent to cutting off the file transfer and sharing channels, forcing us to find other software to replace it.

When it comes to alternatives, if it’s just file transfer, I suggest you use LAN transfer software, such as the “Lightning Vine” I’m introducing to you today!

Software introduction:

Lightning Vine is a LAN transmission tool. The software has a green version and an installation version. I recommend the green version to everyone. After double-clicking to open the software, it looks like this:

This interface looks a bit familiar, yes, it is very similar to LocalSend. Lightning Vine is a software developed by domestic developers based on the LocalSend open source code. It is added, subtracted and optimized based on LocalSend, and the user interface is more suitable for domestic partners.

The software currently supports Android, Windows and Mac, and does not support IOS for the time being. However, Lightning Vine and LocalSend are compatible, so IOS friends can download LocalSend and can also transfer data to each other.

When we use Lightning Vine, open the software and all devices in the LAN will be searched and displayed on the main interface.

It’s the same on the mobile phone

Click on the device to enter the transfer dialog box. In the lower left corner, you can transfer files, folders, text and history. (This historical record is not Chinese, it is still displayed in English)

Let me take transferring files as an example: select the file and then send it.

When we receive a file, we will be prompted to receive a file and just “Accept”.

In addition to sending files and folders, we can also send messages. That is to say, you can chat and transfer files, and there is no size limit for transferring files here. The transfer speed is also very fast in the case of LAN, which is easier to use than QQ WeChat!

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