STATEMENT OF WORK Template – IT Security Products and Services


VOR Arrangement

IT Security Products and Services

(revised January 27, 2029)

NOTE: Remove this note once you’ve completed and amended this template and provided the required information to meet the requirements of your procurement.

This Statement of Work no. [Instructions: Insert reference number] made in duplicate and effective [Instructions: insert effective date and complete year], 20[Instructions: complete year]

[Insert full name of the Client] (the “Client”) and [Insert full corporate name of the Vendor] (the “Vendor”) enter into this Statement of Work pursuant to the Master Agreement between Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, as represented by the Minister of Government and Consumer Services and the Vendor for I&IT Security Products, dated [Insert date of the Master Agreement] (the “Master Agreement”). 

In consideration of their respective agreements set out below, the Client and Vendor agree as follows:

1.       Definitions – Unless otherwise specified in this Statement of Work, capitalized words and phrases shall have the meaning set out in the Master Agreement.  In addition, when used in this Statement of Work, the following terms have the following meanings:

“Assignment” means the Deliverables, including all Services and Products to be provided or performed by the Vendor under this Statement of Work, as more particularly described in Attachment A – Deliverables.

“Assignment Rates” means the applicable Rates for the Assignment as set out in the Master Agreement and particularized in Attachment B – Payment to this Statement of Work.

“Assignment Term” means the period of time from the effective date first above written up to and including the latter of (a) [Insert the expiry date]; or (b) the expiry date of any extension to this Statement of Work, in accordance with Section 13 below.

2.       Structure – The terms and conditions of the Master Agreement are hereby incorporated by reference in this Statement of Work to the same effect as if fully set out in this Statement of Work. This document and the Master Agreement together comprise a separate Statement of Work between the Vendor and the Client. All capitalized terms used in this Statement of Work without definition have the meanings ascribed to them in the Master Agreement. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any term or provision of this Statement of Work and any term or provision of the Master Agreement, the terms and provisions of the Master Agreement shall govern.

3.       Deliverables – The Vendor agrees to provide to the Client, and the Client agrees to acquire from the Vendor, the Deliverables, including the Products and Services described in Attachment A – Deliverables, upon and subject to the terms of this Statement of Work. 

4.       PaymentThe Assignment Rates, and the total amount payable by the Client for the Deliverables described in Attachment A shall be $______________ [Instructions: Insert amount in Canadian dollars.], calculated in accordance with Attachment B – Payment.     Payment shall be subject to the successful completion of each milestone as described in Attachment B.

5.       Assignment Commencement Date [Instructions: Insert relevant date]

6.       Assignment Completion Date [Instructions: Insert date]

7.       Project Management

          (a)      Ministry Project Manager: [Instructions:  Set out name and contact information]

          (b)      Vendor Project Manager: [Instructions:  Set out name and contact information]

8.       Communications and Reporting -The Vendor shall meet with the Client’s representative [Instructions: specify frequency] during the continuance of this Statement of Work to obtain approval for Deliverables.  [Instructions:  If there are other or additional requirements for communication and reporting, identify them and set out the particulars here.]

9.       Work Location[Instructions:  If the work must be performed at a specific location, identify the geographic location here.  Otherwise, delete this heading.]

10.     Working Hours[Instructions:  If Services are to be performed during specific working hours, specify it here.  Otherwise, delete this heading.]

11.     Personnel [Instructions:  If the Client consents to the use of specific Personnel, complete the following table. Otherwise, delete the following consent and table.]

The Client hereby consents to the use by the Vendor of the Subcontractors and Personnel listed below for the particular Roles (including experience levels) specified.

Legal Name of Corporation Individual’s Legal Name Individual’s Role and Experience Level Service Category Rate per ______

12.     Knowledge Transfer – 

From To Knowledge to be Transferred

[Instructions: Specify how knowledge is to be transferred by the Vendor.]

13.     TermThis Statement of Work shall expire at the end of the Assignment Term.  The Client shall have the option to extend this Statement of Work for up to ____ (__) [Instructions: Insert appropriate number] further period(s) of up to ________ [Insert appropriate period for each extension] each.  Any extension shall be upon the same terms (including Assignment Rates in effect at the time of the extension), covenants and conditions contained in this Statement of Work, excepting the option to renew.   In no event shall the expiry date of any extension of this Statement of Work be later than one (1) year after the expiry date of Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Statement of Work as of the date first above written.

  HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN in right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of _________________________ [Insert name of Ministry]
      Pursuant to delegated authority.
      _____________________________ [Insert full corporate name of the Vendor]
    I have the authority to bind the Vendor.



[Instructions: describe the Deliverables, utilizing the following, or any additional topics as required:

  • Business Requirements
  • Assignment Objectives
  • General Scope of the Deliverables
  • Components and activities outside the scope of the Deliverables
  • Detailed list of Security Products to be provided by the Vendor
  • Detailed description of Services and work to be provided or performed by the Vendor
  • Description of performance criteria and standards (objectives) to be achieved
  • Measurement methods to be used by the Vendor to monitor and report on its performance
  • Progress reports, and any other reporting requirements
  • Time frames that the Vendor must adhere to
  • Acceptance Testing Pan
  • System documentation
  • Contingency plan
  • Other specific Vendor responsibilities



  • Set out the methodology for calculating the total amount payable
  • If applicable, set out payment milestones with detailed description, acceptance procedures and required completion dates

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