One Method to Crack Websites Prohibiting Copy and Paste

First of all, we need to know that the function of prohibiting copy and paste on a website is generally implemented by JS. It is usually implemented by the following statement:

var bodyMain = document.getElementById (‘bodyMain’);

  // prohibiting copy and paste setting is FALSE bodyMain.oncopy = function(){ return false; } 
// prohibiting copy and paste setting is TRUE bodyMain.onpaste = function(){ return false;  }  
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After knowing how to implement it, we can prescribe medicine, such as disabling JS. Take Google Chrome as an example:
Open the page in Google Chrome where you want to copy the content, press f12 to open the developer tools, press f1 to go to the setting interface,
Check the options as shown:

Hahaha, don’t close the developer page. If you find it difficult to shrink it, you can find in the article that the original article can be copied.

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