13 Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

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Ganglia is a cluster monitoring software developed by Berkeley. You can monitor and display various status information of the nodes in the cluster, such as: cpu, mem, hard disk utilization, I / O load, network traffic, etc., and historical data can be presented in a curved way through a php page. Ganglia monitoring software is mainly used to monitor system performance software, such as: cpu, mem, hard disk utilization, I / O load, network traffic, etc. It is easy to see the working status of each node through the curve. For reasonable adjustment, Allocating system resources and improving the overall performance of the system play an important role. Support browser access, but cannot monitor node hardware technical indicators
Ganglia is a distributed monitoring system. There are two Daemons: the client Ganglia Monitoring Daemon (gmond) and the server Ganglia Meta Daemon (gmetad), and Ganglia PHP Web Frontend (a web-based dynamic access method). It is a software for graphically monitoring the operating performance of a system under Linux. The interface is beautiful, rich and powerful.
RRDtool is a system to store and display time-series (ie network bandwidth, temperature, number of people, server load, etc.). And it presents useful graphs to enforce some data density by processing the data.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Cacti is a set of graphical analysis tools for network traffic monitoring based on PHP, MySQL, SNMP and RRDTool.

Cacti uses snmpget to obtain data, and uses RRDtool to draw graphics, and you don’t need to understand the complicated parameters of RRDtool. It provides very powerful data and user management functions. You can specify that each user can view the tree structure, host, and any picture. It can also be combined with LDAP for user authentication. At the same time, you can add templates by yourself. . Friendly interface. The development of the software Cacti is based on making RRDTool users more convenient to use the software. In addition to basic Snmp traffic and system information monitoring, Cacti can also add scripts and add templates to create various monitoring charts.
Cacti is a software implemented in the PHP language. Its main function is to use the snmp service to obtain data, and then use rrdtool to store and update the data. When users need to view the data, use rrdtool to generate charts and present them to users. Therefore, snmp and rrdtool are key to cacti. Snmp is related to data collection, and rrdtool is related to data storage and chart generation.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Zenoss Core is open source enterprise IT management software-intelligent monitoring software that allows IT administrators to rely on a single web console to monitor the status and health of the network architecture. Zenoss Core is also open source network and system management software.

Zenoss offers feature-rich products to monitor the entire IT infrastructure:
Network-routers, switches, firewalls, access points
Server-Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, HP, NetApp, Dell
Virtualization-complete virtual machine virtualization infrastructure (VI3) management, monitored by XenSource
Application areas-Process (program), Port, web application service, web service, database, middleware, business enterprise application solution
The Zenoss system displays various monitoring and management information to users through a standard web browser. Various functions of the system can be accessed through the web interface without writing any configuration files. At a high level, Zenoss consists of four main parts.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Argus is a network connection monitor that you can use to customize monitoring of computers that meet certain conditions in the network, such as network idle, disconnected, etc.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Monit is a very feature-rich process, file, directory and device monitoring software for Unix platforms. It can automatically repair programs that have stopped working, and is especially suitable for dealing with software errors caused by various reasons.

Monit is an artifact for administrators. In other words, NAGIOS is monitoring cattle, and Monit not only monitors cattle locally, but also remote service monitoring. What’s even better is that as long as you spend a little effort, your service will always be “resurrected.”

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Nagios is a monitoring system that monitors system operating status and network information. Nagios can monitor specified local or remote hosts and services, and provide exception notification functions, etc.

Nagios can run on Linux / Unix platforms, and provides an optional browser-based WEB interface for system administrators to view network status, various system problems, logs, and more.

Nagios’ main features:
-Monitor network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.)
-Monitor host resources (processes, disks, etc.)
-Simple plugin design can easily extend Nagios’ monitoring capabilities
-Concurrent processing of service monitoring
-Error notification function (via email, pager, or other user-defined methods)
-Can specify custom event processing controller
-Optional browser-based WEB interface for system administrators to check network status, various system problems, logs, etc.
-View system monitoring information via mobile phone

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


collectd is a daemon process that collects system performance and provides various storage methods to store different values. For example in the form of an RRD file.

When the system is running and storing information, Collectd will periodically collect statistics about the system. That information can be used to find current system performance bottlenecks. (Such as performance analysis) and forecast the future load of the system (such as capacity planning). If you need beautiful graphics to display your data, and you are tired of internal solutions, congratulations, you have found the right local.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Fiddler is one of the most powerful and useful web debugging tools. It can record all client and server http and https requests, allowing you to monitor, set breakpoints, and even modify input and output data. Powerful event script-based subsystem, and can be extended using .net language
The more you know about the HTTP protocol, the more you can use Fiddler. The more you use Fiddler, the more you can help you understand the HTTP protocol.
Fiddler is a very useful tool for developers and testers

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Network sniffer / packet capture network forensic analysis tool (NFAT), which can detect network traffic, sessions, host names, open ports of operating systems, etc. NetworkMiner can also parse PCAP files for offline analysis, and at the same time, NetworkMiner can also extract files transmitted by network traffic.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS (Flexible Monitoring System) is a small and large system environment (one server 2000 nodes) availability and performance monitoring system. For local systems, the software uses agents to monitor numeric parameters, Boolean status, or strings on Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, MAC OS X, Windows, and AIX platforms. Users can use Shellscript, WSH, Perl or C to create agents. Remote network monitoring can be performed through SNMP v3, TCP inspection and remote WMI detection. The data report is based on Pandora’s own SQL background and can be displayed on the configured screen.
Pandora FMS is an open source application used to monitor various activities of the website.
If a website is overbooked or down, if the content of the website changes, the hard disk or CPU is called by remote services (via SNMP or TCP / IP), and other circumstances.
Pandora FMS can run on any operating system, get data and send it to the server.
You can receive a real-time monitoring report and send it to your designated email.
It can also be sent to reports via e-mail, SMS or Jabber (MSN, GTalk …).

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


Observium is a network monitoring tool that can automatically discover Cisco devices and Linux systems on the network, but includes extensive support for major network hardware and operating systems. According to the official website, “Its design goals include: collecting as much historical data about the device as possible, requiring as little human intervention as possible in the detection work, and the software interface is very intuitive.” It can monitor CPU, memory and The state of the memory. Surface interaction and detailed error messages. BGP and OSPF information. MPLS, V * N settings. Temperature, fan speed, voltage, current strength, power, humidity and frequency sensors. IPv4, IPv6, TCP and UDP details. Users, processes, average load and update time, etc. Observium is free software, which means you can use and modify this software for free without permission.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具


EasyNetMonitor is a very useful free network monitoring tool that does not require installation. By default, the software will ping the website every 10 seconds. If the website is operating normally, that is, if there is a response, the monitoring status of the system tray will display a green light, if it does not respond, it will display a red light. To modify or delete the monitored website, right-click on the small globe icon and select Edit or Delete from the monitoring URL submenu!

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具

Capsa Free

Colasoft Capsa Free is a powerful program that successfully handles and network analysis to provide you with information for fault diagnosis and monitoring. It provides users with a wealth of experience to understand how to monitor network activities, pinpoint network problems, and enhance network security.

13 个最好的免费服务器和网络监控工具

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