A Powerful Enterprise Security Detection Penetration Tool – Goby

Goby is a new network security testing tool developed by Chinese Zhao Wu Zwell (author of Pangolin, JSky, FOFA)

Support dual languages, Chinese and English. . .

It is stated that this tool is suitable for internal security penetration testing and detection of the enterprise, and aims to improve the internal security of the enterprise.

The introduction of this article also aims to introduce a tool for the majority of enterprise security testers.

Do not use this tool in any “disharmonious” place. . .


The main functions of Goby are as follows

  • Scan asset scanning automatically detects the existing IP in the current cyberspace;
  • Port scanning covers nearly 300 mainstream ports and supports port grouping in different situations to ensure the most effective output;
  • Protocol recognition is preset with more than 200 protocol recognition engines, covering network protocols, database protocols, IoT protocols, ICS protocols, etc., which can quickly analyze the protocol information corresponding to the port through very light transmission.
  • Product recognition presets more than 100,000 rule recognition engines to automatically identify and classify hardware devices and software business systems, and comprehensively analyze the business systems that exist in the network.
  • Web finder supports important information needed for website penetration: including IP, port, server, title, etc.:
  • Vulnerability scanning presets the most aggressive vulnerability engine, covering the most serious vulnerabilities, such as Weblogic and Tomcat.
  • Website screenshots can obtain screenshots of the website on the server, and more screenshots can be viewed on the detailed information page.
  • Domain scanning supports root domain and subdomain scanning, and supports automatic crawling of subdomains.
  • Vulnerability custom PoC vulnerability scanning is more flexible;
  • Brute force attacks on custom dictionaries are easier;

The function is very powerful, but as this tool said, I personally think it is suitable for internal security testing of enterprises

Checking the system resources, it seems that Goby does not support multi-threading. Is it a waste of some high-end computers?

For external environment security testing, it seems that there is not much practicality at present, of course, this tool is only suitable for professional security personnel

For noobs like Ou, open source enthusiasts,,, really don’t know how to use it. . .

It seems that Goby’s official website doesn’t know if it was attacked or what happened, and it opens very slowly. . . But downloading the Goby program is not slow


Download LInks for Beta (1.8.302) • Sep 24,2021

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