PanDownload v2.0.6

PanDownload is a download tool that adheres to the concept of user experience as the center, and the download is free.

Since the first version was launched on February 9, 2017, it has been seven months a year. Thanks in advance for your support and suggestions, I am constantly improving the software.
After half a year, more than 180 days and nights of development and testing, today brings you a new 2.0 version, new architecture, new interface, new features, and more powerful features are under development…. .

[Multi-account management] For the resource party, Baidu’s network disk space is not enough, and there are several accounts, but the login switch is very troublesome. Multi-account login completely solves this problem. In theory, it supports unlimited accounts at the same time.

[Batch Download] One-click to package multiple files and folders and extract the linear link using the built-in aria2 downloader.(2018-09-12 Baidu has restricted the total size can not exceed 300M )

[Batch file renaming] Convenient and fast renaming function, support keyword substitution, add suffixes, case conversion, Lua pattern matching, modify extensions and other renaming rules, and also support more customization through lua scripts. rule.

Description of speed limit:
At present, Baidu is limiting the speed of the account. When a non-member account download reaches a certain threshold, the speed limit will be triggered. After the account is limited, it is prone to download errors, dropped connections, etc. It will take a few days or the member will be restored.
It is recommended to use the share link to download first. You can also try to use batch download if you have a file below 300M.

Extended script usage:

Update log:
Updated: 2019-02-04
update content:
1. Added batch rollover function
2. Support multi-account file search
3. Optimize the experience and bug fixes
Updated: 2018-11-16
update content:
1. Support HTTP/HTTPS download
2. New file cleanup function
3. Added extraction code query function
Updated: 2018-10-17
update content:
1. Fix the problem that the share link cannot be downloaded (login required)
2. Support boot
3. Fix some bugs
Updated: 2018-09-29
update content:
1. New resource search function
2. Optimize the experience and bug fixes

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