[Original Tools] PandaOCR v2.43 – Multi-function OCR recognition + translation + reading + pop-up window [most full engine]


  • Support recognition engine: Sogou OCR / API + Tencent OCR / API + Baidu OCR / API + Tao OCR / API + Jingdong OCR
  • Support translation engine: Sogou translation / API + Tencent translation / API + Baidu translation / API + Tao translation / API + Google translation + word translation + Bing translation + Hujiang translation + Cambridge translation + Qihu translation + sea word translation + color cloud translation
  • Support reading engine: Sogou reading + Tencent reading + Baidu reading + Bing reading + News flying reading + Google reading + Jingdong reading
  • Support shortcuts and screen corners to trigger screenshot recognition, convenient and fast
  • Support for intercepting and identifying fixed areas, for example, to help translate words or teammate chat records in English games/software [fixed screenshot recognition reference]
  • Support small pop-up window display information, quick view identification / translation content
  • Support smart merge to correct recognition/translated text, making typography more reasonable
  • Supports setting up up to ten fixed screenshot rules, making one-click recognition more convenient and quick
  • Support for monitoring image and text copy operations, quickly identifying image text or translating copy text
  • Support simple window Chinese function, help translate pure English software interface text
  • There are a lot of strange features that are not listed in the program interface. You can try to edit the CONFIG.INI file in the program directory.

Update log:


  • Mainly optimize multi-threading, the abuse of multi-threading in the old version may cause some stuck problems
  • Fix other bugs and add some features and configuration items, specifically lazy written


  • Increase Netease OCR Demo Edition
  • Add Maverick translation demo version
  • Add more readers to read the engine, now there are nearly 30
  • Increase translation source language support AUTO+ mode, use Baidu or Google online to detect text language
  • Increase reading language support for AUTO+ mode, use Baidu or Google online to detect text language
  • Increase the prompt message when starting up for the first time
  • Add five kinds of loading animations, a total of ten
  • Increase the pop-up window configuration item. If the program is occasionally stuck, try changing to 0. [Default 1=Hide| 0=Destroy]
  • Increase the screenshot hidden window configuration item, if the main window is displayed in the screenshot, it will be temporarily hidden [default 1=enabled]
  • Add some other less common configuration items
  • Optimize self-made and replace the cross-shaped mouse pointer style when non-advanced screenshots
  • Optimized to adjust the sound of the screenshot
  • Optimize the failure retry logic of some engines
  • Optimize the space bar in the screenshot to change the temporary uncorrected/typesetting recognition text to hold down the ALT key.
  • Fix Sogou translation demo version
  • Fix some small bugs you might not notice

API version interface application (can also be used without application):

Special Note:

  • The program uses the compression shell to reduce the file size. If there is a false positive, please solve the malicious code yourself. All the servers accessed by the program are required to be called by the above engines.
  • The development and release of the program is done in a protected environment. If a certain “safe” software in your system is called “discover Trojan”, then this situation will test your judgment.
  • It is known that the screenshot function is abnormal under the high resolution/high score screen [try the solution]
  • To use the ID and KEY of your application, use a text editor to open the CONFIG.ini file in the program directory. In the [Data Configuration] item, set the value of each version to 1 (0 for the demo version) and modify the corresponding ID and KEY
  • Recommended for each engine: OCR recommended Sogou, translation recommended Sogou or Tencent, reading recommended Sogou or Tencent, Xunfei is only suitable for short sentences is not stable
  • Right click on the <Save Settings> button to shrink/expand the interface, click on the small button on the pop-up window, and right-click on the pop-up menu.
  • Open source? Ok, open it right away! Hey~

The development and release of the program is done in the environment of NOD32 soft protection. If a certain “safe” software in your system is called “discover Trojan”, then this situation will test your judgment.

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