IObit Malware Fighter Prov7.2 – Authorized cracked version

IObit Malware Fighter is a professional malware and spyware removal tool launched by IObit. Using it can help users quickly scan their computer systems, and can easily detect malicious software and virus programs in their computers, including various adware. , Bundled software, Trojan horse virus, keylogger, malware, etc., can quickly find harmful and potentially dangerous software in the computer. The software uses the world’s leading anti-malware and virus engine, which can effectively find malware and can completely remove it. Keep your computer away from all kinds of viruses and malicious software, create a safe and reliable Internet environment for users, ensure that your computer system is safe from viruses, be the most copied in time, and hide the deepest malicious and spyware.

IObit Malware Fighter Chinese cracked version

Compared with general security software, it is more powerful and provides multiple computer protection functions, including network protection, file protection, process protection, U disk protection, startup protection, and other security protection tools. It also has browser protection and data. Protection function, all-round protection The browser is safe on the Internet, has an anti-ransomware engine, intelligently protects all the questions asked on the computer, and will not be invaded by ransomware. It is an excellent tool for escorting the use of computers. The cracked version with crack patch can perfectly crack the software. Welcome friends who need it to download on this site.

Installation tutorial

1. Download and unzip the software package, run the exe installer to install the software, and click Custom Install to select the installation location.

2. After selecting it, you will come to the software agreement interface. Select Yes to agree. Click Install to start the software installation.

3. The software is being installed, waiting for the software installation to complete.

4. When the installation is complete, exit the installation interface.

Crack tutorial

1. Open the software package and copy the crack patch “Patch.exe” to the software installation directory.

2. Run the crack patch and click patch to start cracking.

3. A pop-up window appears, click No.

4. Patching done appears and the software is cracked.

5. Enter the software and click on the registration code management, you can see that it has been activated and can be used without restrictions.


Real-time threats stop our powerful malware fighters to protect you from any PC threats such as viruses, ransomware, spyware, Trojan horses, adware and worms. Even the latest malware stays away from you. In addition, a new anti-malware engine helps you scan your computer system quickly and comprehensively. The Bitdefender engine has more than 200 million anti-malware databases that can block any threat.
Privacy protection Your private files can also be safely locked in the safe of IObit Malware Fighter 7. Just set a password and put important data in it, and no one is allowed to access it except yourself. In addition, the anti-ransomware engine in the data protection of this malware fighter provides a second protection for your privacy. It can intelligently block all files in any ransomware.
Powerful Browser Protection Browser security guarantees your daily surfing work and entertainment. Comprehensive browser protection can help you stay away from phishing sites, prevent your homepage from being modified for any malicious purpose, keep you away from a lot of annoying ads, and automatically clear tracking cookies.
Multi-platform security guards Our advanced security personnel provide you with multiple protections. Boot protection speeds up safe boot. Process protection blocks any malicious processes running in RAM. Camera protection prevents unauthorized access to your computer from unknown programs step by step by full security personnel.

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