UnHackMe (Trojan Kill)v10.70.820 green portable version

UnHackMe Green Portable Edition is a very easy-to-use Trojan killer software. Our software is to allow you to detect and delete the new generation Trojan horse-invisible Trojan horse. They are also called “rootkits”. Rootkit-A set of programs used by hackers to block intrusions and gain administrative access to a computer or computer network. Of course, everyone knows that attackers use user actions to install rootkits on computers and use known vulnerabilities or door key passwords. 

UnHackMe (Trojan Kill) Green Portable Edition

The rootkit installs a backdoor that gives hackers complete control of the computer. We are allowing you to hide files, registry keys, processes and network connections. Your antivirus program may not detect such programs because they use packaging and encryption of files. But other forms of malware can also be removed from worms to Trojan horses and the like. A rootkit is a program used by hackers to cover up intrusion and gain administrator-level access to a computer or computer network. If necessary, you can download it here!

Software functions

1. Scan for installed potentially unwanted programs (PUP) programs.
Test junk files by cubs, adware and spyware
Scanned Windows startup programs, services, and drivers
4.Test Windows shortcuts
5.Scan for potentially unwanted programs of installed programs
6. Test your browser’s search settings
Scanned browser plugins
8.Test host file and DNS settings
9.Test the startup files on Virustotal.com using some antivirus software
10. Allows testing and removal of rootkits and removal of malware from rootkits

Software Features

1. Includes specially designed tools for detecting deeply hidden rootkits.
2. It is unique for each user and the rootkit is not visible.
3. UnHackMe can be opened from CD or flash drive.
4. You can use the UnHackMe license to check and delete the rootkit on the user’s computer.
5. No need to install UnHackMe on the user’s computer.
6. No need to purchase additional licenses.
7. Easy to use.

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