Kaspersky Internet Security 2020Free edition

Software size: 159.72MB

Kaspersky is a security software with anti-virus software and firewall functions produced by Russia. It is also a ransomware that protects your digital life in a smarter way. The software has strong active defense technology and powerful killing. Means and quick response ability, mainly aimed at home and individual users, can completely protect users’ computers from various Internet threats, it can protect computers, tablets and other devices, and better resist viruses and ransomware , Spyware, phishing, dangerous websites, spam, banner ads, etc. to protect your children and family members from the Internet. When your family members shop online, Kaspersky protects their funds; when they socialize Kaspersky protects their identities when they are online; when your children go online, Kaspersky helps them stay safe, not only with automatic vulnerability intrusion protection, protection against lock screen malware, trusted application models, secure payment protection, and more This feature also provides advanced protection against Internet threats, Ensure that the user during online banking transactions, online shopping, web surfing and safe when using social networks and other online activities with respect to reducing the impact on system resources is greater, there is a need friends can download experience.


Installation tutorial

1.After downloading the compressed package, double-click the software to start the installation.

2.Click Continue to start the installation

3. Ready to install, continue

4. Wait for the installation to complete

5. Accept suggestions

6, installation is complete

7. Accept the recommendations again

8. You can log in if you have an account, and create an account without an account

9, registration is successful, activate the free version of the software

10. Since it is a free version, there is only one year license


1. Secure payments When your family uses online banking or online shopping, we will add an extra layer of security-monitor their internet connection and help them keep their funds and account information secure.
2.Safe Kids
We help your child use their computer or phone safely-block online threats and inappropriate websites and content … and help you manage how much time your child spends on the device, how they use the app, and monitor where they are .
3. Password Management Nowadays, no one needs to remember all their personal passwords. Every password is securely stored and ready for easy access from PC, Mac, and mobile devices … Help your family log in to their favorite websites and online accounts quickly and securely.
4. Photo and file protection Irreplaceable photos, music and memories need to be protected from loss or theft-so we help you create backup copies … and encrypt your family ’s confidential files so hackers ca n’t read them.
5. Security-Not slow You want your home devices to operate as they are designed-and so do we. That’s why our safety features work “behind the scenes” without disturbing you.
6. Easy-to-use security features shouldn’t slow down your device … so our ultimate protection solution is very easy to set up and easy to run-on all devices in the home.
7, award-winning securityInnovative security features help protect your family from viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing, dangerous websites, spam, banner ads, and more.
8. PC, Mac, and mobile devices We help you keep your family safe-on every device. And, if your Android tablet or phone is lost, we will help you protect all the data stored on it … and help you find the device.
9. Privacy protection tracking and espionage may violate the privacy of your family-phishing may steal their identity. That’s why we help you stop others from tracking your family’s online activities, protect personal data, and prevent others from using your family’s cameras to monitor your family.

new function

1. Strengthen the protection of children
Safe Kids Internet Management and Extra Features-Protect your kids on PC, Mac and mobile devices.
The Internet allows you to see everything you want to see, entertainment and life. But at the same time, it also brings disadvantages. For children, uncontrolled Internet access not only affects their physical health, but also affects their lives.
2. Defend against increased threats against viruses, spyware, phishing and dangerous websites.
3. Concise and fresh interactive interface simplicity simplifies security management, saving you time and effort
4. Help you protect the privacy of your personal life. In this era of network success, there is nothing it can’t do. Our privacy leaks happen from time to time, but are powerless? Of course not, Kaspersky helps you protect the privacy of your personal life. Only you can’t think of it, nothing we can’t do.
5. Payment protects your use of online banking and online shopping on your computer.
Now, Kaspersky 2020 provides us with better and effective management tools to effectively control children’s network management.
All products include file, email protection, and network anti-virus capabilities; automatic updates, self-defense, quarantine, and more. It can not only ensure convenient and safe surfing, but also ensure the use of U disk and other portable storage media to prevent phishing and running files from being infected.

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