10 Web Log Security Analysis Tools Recommendation

I often hear friends asking, is there a better web log security analysis tool?

First of all, we should be clear that log files can not only help us trace the source and find the attack path of intruders, but also in normal operation and maintenance, the log can also reflect many security attacks.

A simple and easy-to-use web log analysis tool can greatly improve efficiency. There are currently many log analysis tools in the industry. Today, we recommend ten easy-to-use web log security analysis tools.

1. 360 star map

A very easy to use website access log analysis tool, which can effectively identify Web vulnerability attacks, CC attacks, malicious crawler scanning, abnormal access and other behaviors. One-click automatic analysis, output security analysis report, support iis/apache/nginx log, support custom format.

download link:

HTTPS :  /  / wangzhan . Qianxin . COM / Activity / xingtu

2. LogForensics

A log analysis tool provided by TSRC can start from a single suspicious clue and traverse all suspicious URLs (CGI) and source IPs.

Related download link:

https : / / security . tencent . com / index . php / opensource / detail / 15

3. GoAccess

A visual web log analysis tool that can be accessed through a web browser or a terminal program under the *nix system. It can provide system administrators with fast and valuable HTTP statistics and present them in the form of online visualization servers.

Official website address:

https : / / www . goaccess . cc /

4. AWStats

A powerful open source log analysis system that can graphically generate advanced Web, streaming media, ftp or mail server statistics.

Official website address:

http : / / www . awstats . org /

5. Logstalgia

A very cool and visual log analysis tool that can visually display the log analysis of CC attacks and websites, and display it with a visual 3D effect.

download link:

http : / / www . softpedia . com / get / Internet / Servers / Server - Tools / Logstalgia . shtml

6. FinderWeb

The programmer’s tool for watching logs, supports tail, less, grep, and supports large text files. Log files from several M to tens of G are smooth and free.

Download and use:

http : / / www . finderweb . net / download . html

7, web-log-parser

An open source web log analysis tool, developed in python language, with flexible log format configuration.

github project address:

https : / / github . com / JeffXue / web - log - parser

8. ELK

The ELK platform for open source real-time log analysis consists of three open source projects, ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kiabana, and is very common in enterprise-level log management platforms.

Download and use:

https : / / www . elastic . co / cn / elastic - stack

9. Splunk

A top log analysis software, if you often use grep, awk, sed, sort, uniq, tail, head to analyze logs, then you can easily transition to Splunk.

download link:

https : / / www . splunk . com / zh - hans_cn / download / splunk - enterprise . html

10. IBM QRadar

Qradar has a free community version, which is not much different from the commercial version in function, suitable for small-scale logs and traffic analysis.

download link:

HTTPS : / / Developer . ibm . COM / QRadar / ce /

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