[Windows] A Latest Universal Video Downloader – CR TubeGet

I have been worrying about downloading videos in batches. After a long time of searching, I finally found the perfect solution! Use CR TubeGet, a universal video downloading artifact, with link-grabber, a batch extraction plug-in for links, to support almost all website video downloads! 

Use steps: 


First install the link-grabber plug-in, directly drag the downloaded plug-in to the browser to install (for chrome browser, please go to the extension center to download and install) 2. Take the watermelon video as an example, enter the author’s homepage and load all the videos ,

[Windows] A Latest Universal Video Downloader – CR TubeGet

Step 2.

click the link-grabber plug-in icon, all the hyperlinks on the current page are displayed, click copy, and paste it into Notepad.

Step 3.

Find the hyperlinks of all videos, copy all the video hyperlinks (move the mouse on the video cover or name, the browser task bar will display the video link address, look at the hyperlink just copied, the hyperlink format is the same as the video hyperlink (Link address) 

Step 4.

Unzip the downloaded CR TubeGet compression package, run the software, click the inverted triangle next to “+Paste URL”, click Batch Download, paste the video hyperlink just copied, and click Download! Generally, you have to wait for a while to analyze after pasting, and it will download automatically after the analysis. The download speed depends on your internet speed. Generally, you can download at full speed! The download resolution is downloaded at the highest resolution by default (can be changed)! 

Test another station B,

perfect download! With this artifact, the videos of major websites can basically be downloaded in batches with one click, and there is no watermark! Give it a try! It is not easy to organize, please rate it if you think it is easy to use! Thank you! * Note: The software does not support video download site VIP and major online video lessons, more features you can view the official website of the software page, which will not list them here

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