Hard Disk Detection Tool CrystalDiskInfo v8.12.3

CrystalDiskInfo, a free professional hard disk detection tool, a hard disk health status information detection tool. Support detecting mechanical hard disk and solid state hard disk information, using SMART technology to detect and analyze the detailed information of the disk, including hard disk temperature, firmware, serial number, drive interface, etc. CrystalDiskInfo is a small tool developed by the Japanese hiyohiyo, which can check the health status and various parameters of the hard disk in a comprehensive, detailed and intuitive way.

official website is also very fast, and the multi-theme version is optional

Download link:  https://pan.lanzoui.com/iw74Uqz8jyh

Internal NVME SSDC Drive

USB3 to NVME (M.2) SSD

SSD Through Internal mini-SATA portD Drive

USB3.0 to NGFF (M.2)

SSD through USB 3.0 enclosure

USB3.0 Flash Disk – connecting to USB3 port

F Drive – HDD – USB 3.0

D Drive – Internal HDD

G Drive – HDD Through USB 3.0

USB2.0 Hard Drive with an Enclousre

USB3.0 Flash Disk – connecting to USB2 port

USB2.0 Flash Disk E Drive- A Cheap One:

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