Install the WIN system from the U disk

The PE system is a temporary emergency system made under Windows. When the computer cannot start normally, you can use the PE system to repair various problems in the computer, such as deleting stubborn viruses, repairing the boot partition of the disk, and restoring the hard disk. Partitioning, data backup, installing computer system, etc.

Introduction: Micro PE

The Micro PE toolbox is a small, powerful, safe and pure PE toolbox. There are many users, it is not bundled, and the compatibility is very good. It is suitable for the maintenance of various models and system installation operations. Micro PE is new The version even supports Win11 to bypass hardware detection and installation. If you like it, don’t miss it.



 extraction code: wepe
1. It is completely free, pure and without advertisements;
2. It is very small in size. Most of the PEs have more than 500M, or even a few gigabytes. The micro-PE still achieves a small size, only more than 200 M , but the compatibility is very strong;
3. It supports the use of most old and new computers;
4. It adopts the latest Win10 21H1 kernel, and the new platform and the old platform are compatible.
5. Strong expandability: External tools can create a PETOOLS folder in the root directory of the U disk and put various tools into it.
win11-iso image and tools
I have prepared the original iso image of win11 and the tools needed for this series of articles. The PE toolbox required for this article is also included, and you can also download and install it yourself.

Use the micro PE toolbox to make a U disk system boot disk.

For the installation method, we need to choose “Install to U disk”.

Figure: Select “Install to U Disk” as the installation method
, and you can refer to the following configuration scheme.

Figure: The installation and configuration plan
is here, we have used the PE toolbox to make a U disk system boot disk containing the PE toolbox. Don’t forget to put the original Win11 iso image into the U disk at the end. When installing the system, you need .
Start to install Win11
After copying the ISO image file or installation CD of Win11 to the computer, you can start to install the Win11 system. The specific steps are as follows: On the desktop of the micro-PE system, find the copied Win11 SO image file or the installation CD, and double-click to open it. Follow the prompts on the screen, select the appropriate language, time zone, keyboard and other settings, and click “Next” Enter the installation options page, click the “Custom” option
. In the partition page, select the hard disk partition to install the system, click the “Delete” button, and then click the “New” button. In the new partition page, enter the partition size, partition label and other information , and then click the “Apply” button, wait for the partition to complete, select the newly created partition, click the “Next” button, wait for the system installation to complete, enter the computer name, password and other information according to the screen prompts, and then click “Next” to follow The screen prompts to set information such as network connection and Windows update options, and then click the “Finish” button to end the installation.
During the process of reinstalling the Win11 system with Micro PE, you need to pay attention to the following points:
Genuine Micro PE system needs to be used in the process of making the boot disk In the partition page, you need to carefully select the correct hard disk partition for installation to avoid data loss and other problems. Generally speaking, reinstalling Win11 system using the micro PE
Using other hard disk installation methods is more complicated, but it is more flexible and convenient for you. Hope the steps and precautions introduced in this article can be helpful to you.

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