xDown – An OpenSource Ad-free Professional File Download and Sharing Tool (BT/http/ftp) [Win][Mac]

xDown is an opensource Internet Downloader which support most popular protocols and all in one download tool.

Website: https://xdown.org/


  • Support browser (Chrome/Edge Chromium/Percent browser) to take over the download
  • Support torrent download files and seeding
  • Support torrent automatic blocking of blood-sucking clients
  • Support disconnection and reconnection
  • Support standard FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2 protocol download
  • Support http header custom fields
  • Supports manual setting of concurrency (maximum 128)
  • Support multi-IP polling node download
  • Support BitTorrent built-in tracker list settings
  • Support tls1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3-sni
  • Support magnet links
  • Support DHT ipv4+ipv6
  • Support full speed limit
  • Support for customizing global proxy settings

How to install browser plugin:

Chrome plug-in online installation address:


Edge plug-in online installation address:


Chrome/Edge Chromium/Percent Browser/360 Browser adopts automatic installation of plug-ins. After the program is successfully installed, follow the prompts to the next step, and then enter [More Tools]-[Extensions] to enable the xdown plug-in.

Plug-in offline installation method: Manually exit xdown.exe, and then run XDownRegister.exe in the installation package to repair the environment.

Buit-in Tracker

[Settings]-[BitTorrent]-[Automatically add web tracker to new torrent]

Figure 01

Save and restart the program to take effect.

Manually update the Internet free tracker list to increase the probability of successful bt seeding.


HTTPS Downloading


HTTP download mainly deals with the current mainstream transmission protocols of the Internet, and adds multiple concurrent shard downloads on the basis of single concurrency of conventional browsers, and provides disconnection and reconnection.

Figure 01

[File]-[Add torrent link…]


The maximum concurrency is 128. If the other party adopts the connection limit, the theoretical maximum speed is 128 times.

Modify the number of connections

[文件]-[添加torrent 链接...]-[并发数]
Figure 01

Specific requirements require custom http headers

[文件]-[添加torrent 链接...]-[自定义http头]

Set in , the following parameters are provided by default


You can also customize specific header parameters

Magnet Link Downloading

A magnet link (Magnet URI scheme) is a computer program that retrieves information and downloads documents in a peer-to-peer network. Unlike Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), which are linked based on “location”, magnet links are based on metadata (metadata) file content and belong to Uniform Resource Names (URNs). That is to say, the magnet link is not based on the IP address or locator of the document, but in the distributed database, through the hash function value to identify, search and download the document. It is especially suitable for peer-to-peer networks without a central server because it does not rely on an active host to download documents.


[File]-[Add torrent link…] Copy


Figure 01
Figure 01

Magnet link is the basis of communication based on udp protocol.

BT / PT Sharing

It is very easy to share with xdown.

xdown seeding is compatible with the mainstream p2p protocol in the market, supports dht tracker https tracker

How to use (ctrl-n)

[tools]-[generate torrent]

Figure 01

Provides an online detection tracker website searched on the Internet, for reference only


Just like other p2p clients, select a file or file, fill in the tracker, and you can share it.

Using xdown has built-in upnp, which can be checked by yourself. You can also map ports on the router yourself.

If it is PT sharing, please select [private seed] for seeding

Download Baidu Cloud Disk

As a popular mainland network disk, Baidu Cloud is convenient and fast to download, and is popular among netizens. This site provides a convenient and fast download solution. The download solution provided by this site can only download a single file at one time, but there is no limit to the size. .

Log in to the Parse website below


Download Link:


Latest update version number:

Support Windows 7/8/10/11

International Download:


Support Windows xp (End of update support)

International Download:


or from backup link: https://od.51sec.org/TGM_51Sec_EU/Sharing/Software/Download%20Tools/

macOS intel and apple silicon (M1)

Latest update version number:

Support macOS >=10.15

International Download:


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