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Generally, we have desktops or laptops in our hands. These are electronic products that we often come into contact with. Although they are both computers, there is a huge drawback between desktops and laptops, that is, most desktop computers do not have their own audio output devices, so the desktop computer must prepare at least one speaker to play the sound from the computer normally.

However, it is inevitable to encounter various special situations in life. If you cannot prepare available speaker equipment in a short time, such as no headphones! So how to solve the sound output problem of the desktop? At this time, the best way is to make the mobile phone a portable speaker through software. how to use? Come on, the AudioRelay is such a software that can play computer sound, and the output sound effect can fully meet the professional sound standard, which is very easy to use!


Use your phone as a microphone for PC

Need a mic? Don’t panic, you can use your smartphone. AudioRelay records your phone’s mic and sends it to your PC over Wi-Fi.volume_up

Use your phone as a speaker for PC

With AudioRelay, you can stream your PC’s audio to your phone in realtime. You’ll be able to move around the house or listen far away without disturbing anyone


Turn your phone into a wireless speaker or headset for your computerusb


Use a USB connection to get the best experience possibledevices

Multiple devices

Send your music to multiple rooms, wirelessly listen with multiple peoplethumb_up

Low delay

Your PC audio is sent in realtime. Experience lower latency than with Bluetooth


If you want your phone to play the sound of the computer, you need to install the AudioRelay client on the two devices first. The computer version supports Windows, macOS and Linux systems, and the mobile version only supports the Android platform.

Then run AudioRelay on the phone and computer at the same time, and make sure that the two devices are connected to the same local area network. The mobile phone plays the sound of the computer. Naturally, the computer is the server, and the mobile phone is the player.

In the upper right position of AudioRelay computer, a series of numbers will be displayed, which is the IP address of the local area network. We need to enter this IP in the mobile phone and connect.

After the connection is successful, both clients will display the connected device and IP address of the other party.


The editor found a video and tested it, and found that the audio effect is really good, the sound is very clear and loud, and there is almost no delay. On the AudioRelay computer side, you can also adjust the volume of the output sound. During the audio playback process of the mobile phone, even if there is an external speaker on the computer side, it will automatically mute, so that the two devices will not play audio at the same time. If the audio output is stopped, the computer cannot automatically switch to other Speaker audio output devices like unplugging the headphones. We can enter the system to set the audio output option and change the output device from Virtual Speakers to Speaker.

Let the mobile phone play the sound output from the computer as a player. In fact, AudioRelay also supports the computer side to play the sound output from the mobile phone. At this time, it was just the opposite of what happened just now. The mobile device became the server, and the computer became the player. The mobile phone server can choose to output the mobile phone microphone (ambient sound) or the sound of the application (system sound) to the computer.

After the audio source selection is completed, the APP will also display the local LAN IP address of its own device. Enter this address into the corresponding location on the computer and connect it to control the computer to output the phone audio.

Compared with the direct playback of the mobile phone, the sound output by the computer will be louder, especially if the computer is connected with an external amplifier, which is equivalent to indirectly adding a set of amplifier equipment to the mobile phone. microphone. In addition to the two connection methods mentioned above, AudioRelay can also be used for audio stream output between computers and computers, mobile phones and mobile phones, and even between single devices and multiple devices.


Download Page: https://audiorelay.net/downloads/

Windows: https://dl.audiorelay.net/setups/windows/audiorelay-0.26.3.exe

Linux: https://dl.audiorelay.net/setups/linux/audiorelay-0.26.3.deb

macOS: https://dl.audiorelay.net/setups/macos/AudioRelay-0.26.3.dmg

Android (Google Play): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.azefsw.audioconnect&utm_source=website&utm_campaign=download&pcampaignid=pcampaignidMKT-Other-global-all-co-prtnr-py-PartBadge-Mar2515-1

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